University of St. Thomas Moving to Division-1 (Summit League) Pending Waiver from NCAA

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In a crazy turn of events on this University of St. Thomas vs the MIAC story, it looks like Minnesota is going to get its second Division-1 University, come 2021. St. Thomas got the opportunity to apply for inclusion into the “Summit League” Conference and, wisely, jumped on it. If (when) approved, they will join a much-respected FCS conference that already holds many of our neighbors:

According to this email that I got my hands on, which was sent out to their alumni today; the only thing St. Thomas is waiting for, is a waiver that will allow them to jump from D-III to D-I, without first spending time in D-II. That’s the common rule for NCAA advancement. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t get accepted and approved, giving the now public status of their application.

This new development is awesome and Minnesota getting another D-I school is long overdue! I’m also happy to see St. Thomas end up on the best end of this bullshit situation. “Fine, you don’t want us in D-III? Well, we’ll just go get rich over in D-I.” It’s the ultimate middle-finger move to a conference that’s still shitting its pants, while they dream of 2021 when they don’t have to compete against the “almighty St. Thomas” anymore.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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