Under Review: Brian Robison Rips Packer Fan’s Cheesehead in Half

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Sundays are better when the Minnesota Vikings win and the satisfaction reaches even higher levels when the victory comes over a division leading Green Bay Packers team. I’ve written about why the purple/gold won this weekend over the green/gold and, hopefully, we all saw what Adam Thielen had to say about Kirk Cousins and much more in one of the greatest <2 minute postgame interviews in sports history.

But what I didn’t see until later in the night was what happened on the US Bank Stadium big screen during a Brian Robison feature cutaway early in the 1st quarter. The former retired, former Vikings defensive end was in attendance so they put him up on the “jumbotron” to rally the crowd. Then, this happened.

This scene is under further review.

I saw Robison rip that cheesehead and throw it off the balcony in the above video at 9 PM Sunday night, just before this old 32-year-old man’s bedtime. But even then, I had my doubts about the legitimacy. You can’t just go around ripping people’s hats in-half in 2021. Companies get sued for things like that.

But, nothing about the above video really screams fake. So I tweeted “WHAT A LEGEND” with the video, then watched some TV and went to bed.

But shortly after logging into Twitter on Monday morning, I found the full video. With the discover came a little bit of embarrassment, maybe some shame, for my tweet the night before. I felt kind of bamboozled… led astray? Because after further review (seeing the full scene up on the Vikings official Twitter account), it quickly became clear that the bullying scene was all an act. Not just an act, but a really bad acting job on all accounts.

Look, I get it. Nobody wants a lawsuit on their hands and the Vikings organization can’t afford to have a former player walking around and physically destroying the cheesehead property of opposing fans while at US Bank Stadium. But couldn’t they have fixed a better scene than this?

Who did this?

How far did the Minnesota Vikings promotional staff actually go to make this bad SNL skit into reality?

Is that even a real Packer fan or some ($15/hour + commission) member of the Vikings sales team who was just happy to hang out with Brian Robison for a few minutes before the game to go over the script a few times? I mean, that guy’s shirt isn’t even a Packers shirt. It’s a poop green “Gridiron Duel” shirt fresh out of the Packers team store in 1996.

Are we sure that’s a real cheesehead that got ripped in half? Can we even be sure that’s actually Brian Robison? I would have liked to believe that the real Brian Robison would be a much better actor than this. There’s no WWE in that dude’s future.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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