Timberwolves Should ABSOLUTELY Match Tyus Jones New Offer Sheet

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I know that this isn’t how most Minnesota basketball fans want to start their week but not even I can stop the NBA from producing news in the middle of the night. Apparently, everyone lives in LA (we will have no important people left when Cali eventually falls in the ocean) and likes to get their work done at midnight in the Los Angeles market.

I mean fuck, give our guy Doogie a break…. he has two little ones.

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I was starting to believe that nobody would slide an offer sheet Tyus’ way, but that wasn’t the case. As far as the money, it looks like it’s $8M per year plus incentives. I’m seeing some mixed reviews from my friends on Twitter so I’m here once again, when ties need to be broken. The Wolves should ABSOLUTELY match this offer sheet.

It’s by no means an unfair offer but $8M for a young guy with the head that he has on his shoulders? I mean, he just turned 23 years old in May… He has improved every year, in every facet you’ve asked him to and…. he’s 23. If you look at the other guys that are getting paid in the same ballpark as that $8M/year and ARE NOT on their rookie deal (yes, his $8M/yr doesn’t even beat a lot of rookie PG deals), how do you not match?

PG (Cap Hit) Salaries via Spotrac:

  • Rk: Player (Age) – $$$$
  • 28: Matthew Delavadova (28) – $9.6M
  • 29: Dante Exum (23) – $9.6M
  • 31: George Hill (33) – $9.2M
  • 36: Elfrid Payton (25) – $7.8M
  • 37: Shaun Livingston (33) – $7.7M
  • 39: Derrick Rose (30) – $7.3M
  • 40: DJ Augustin (31) – $7.25M=

Seriously… doesn’t this list prove my point? Unless the Timberwolves want to roll into their future with 2019-2020 Jeff Teague and Shabazz Napier… with nothing after that, then they don’t have a choice. I mean, everyone loves some flexibility but do you really want to have ZERO options past this season, at the most important position on the floor?

Jones’ versatility makes matching the offer a no-brainer because of the unkown future at PG for the Timberwolves. He’s probably best-suited (and will be for the forseeable future) as a back-up. However, he has absolutely proven that he can start when needed and may still have some starter upside that he is yet to expose. Becoming a knock-down shooter would be a good start.

Anyway, hopefully Gersson makes the right play here and matches this offer. If not, hopefully he has a plan that I don’t see.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

PS: Matching Tyus’ offer sheet would still keep the Wolves out of the Luxury Tax bracket AND would round out the roster:

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