TWolves Working 3-Team Deal with Houston/Atlanta, Flipping RoCo for TWO 1st-Rounders

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I struggled to even find a headline to properly fit what the Minnesota Timberwolves are reportedly trying to do right now. If nothing else, you have to love their dedication, resolve, and imagination in getting D’Angelo Russell into a Wolves uniform…

Wolves GetHawks GetRockets Get
Hawks 1st Round (???)Clint CapelaRobert Covington
Rockets 1st Round (???)
Expiring Contracts

Obviously, the details on this deal are foggy but that’s why it’s a rumor, right?

I’ll take all of the expiring contracts you’re wanting to give us, if it comes with 2 additional 1st round picks! I can’t imagine they are both in 2020 so we’d have to see what they look like for both draft year and protections.

Of course, it’s not just the 3-team deal that made the headline for this rumor. Woj is also reporting the Wolves desire to use these picks to bulk up a package to offer Golden State, in exchange for D’Angelo Russell.

Again, D-Lo ending up in Minnesota is almost becoming an expectations. The Wolves front office is almost wishing it into existence. If we can get him here without giving up our own 2020 1st-rounder, then I’m all in.

Of course, the D-Lo part of this discussion also seems to be the most difficult to make happen, no matter how dedicated the Wolves are to seeing it through. 20 minutes after Woj tweeted out his original story, he decided to add this:

I’m going to be honest though, if the Wolves can get this 3-teamer done, they should absolutely pull the trigger. Don’t wait to hear back from Golden State, on whether they will parlay the deal into a D-Lo trade.

Even if they won’t, pocket those additional 1st-rounders and use them to unload Andrew Wiggins or move up in the draft a couple spots… the options are endless.

Making this deal with Houston and Atlanta would cause more losses for us too, because you get rid of Robert Covington without any talent coming back.

When you’re tanking as hard as the Wolves are right now, that’s what you call a win/win.


Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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