Twins Planning Dress Rehearsal Scrimmage with Crowd Noise Piped in and Real Umpires

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If you’ve been following the Minnesota Twins as closely as we have lately, then you would know the Twins have been playing intrasquad games over the past week. Some of those games appeared on the Twins Facebook page.

While it has been nice to finally see our team in live action, it is obvious these games have been test runs and not played at 100% effort. Thankfully, we will see a more serious type of intrasquad game next week.

According to the Athletic’s Aaron Gleeman, we are going to see “a full-scale instrasquad game”. This will give us the opportunity to see the Twins play in a more game-like setting, ahead of their season opener at Guaranteed Rate Field, against the Chicago White Sox on July 24th.

This news hasn’t been officially announced yet, as they are likely working out the details (like quarantining umps) but I’m assuming this game is streamed as well. Who knows, maybe we will even have the pleasure of hearing Dick Bremer’s voice once again on FSN. The announcers need practice too, right?

For those interested, I’m hosting a tailgating party on top of parking ramp A starting approximately 2 hours before the Minnesota Twins take on the Minnesota Twins. I expect everyone to be on their full tailgating behavior, hell we can even dolphin dive through a couple plastic tables if you want.

Cameron Thompson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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