Twins Take Upper-Hand on Standoff with Nelson Cruz

Photo: Jordan Johnson - USA Today Sports

Nelson Cruz and the Minnesota Twins have always preferred a 3rd-year reunion for 2021. Still, both sides have been at an impasse for the past few months, mostly due to contract length. The 42-year-old Cruz wanted a two-year commitment from his next employer but Falvine was only willing to commit for one.

While the standoff went on, all sides waited for the MLB and it’s Player’s Association to decide whether or not the National League would have a designated hitter. Would Falvine flinch with a 100% increase in possible suitors, should the NL adopt the DH?

Doesn’t matter

Last week, the NL DH dream died (most likely). Now, not by coincidence, Dan Hayes (The Athletic) is reporting that the Minnesota Twins and Nelson Cruz’ representation are back at the negotiating table. Money is the main topic of conversation now, according to Hayes, because both sides have settled on a one-year term.

‘..discussions between Cruz and the Twins have been rejuvenated with the possibility of a one-year accord now on the table, sources said. Whether common ground on a salary can be found remains to be seen.

Dan Hayes (The Athletic)

I’d take your dad’s subscription to The Athletic and read the entire article. Hayes makes it clear that a Nelson Cruz return to Minnesota is no guarantee. Length might be settled but price clearly isn’t.

Cruz is now a priority but the Minnesota Twins want us to believe that, with or without him, they have a lot of offseason left. I’ll believe their late aggressiveness when I see it. Should they move on Boomstick, Falvine would be awfully close to, if not beyond, their reported $120-ish million self-imposed salary cap for the upcoming season.

The Twins still need to add a playoff-caliber SP and back-end bullpen help to be widely considered World Series contenders.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan