Twins Sign Top Draft Pick, Aaron Sabato; Now Have More Bats in System than Louisville Slugger

The Minnesota Twins continue to sign their 2020 draft picks, in spite of the craziness surrounding Major League Baseball’s return. The latest news is that 1st Round pick, Aaron Sabato has signed a contract with the team. As reported by Jonathan Mayo of, the deal is for $2.75 million.

With Sabato being selected 27th overall, the slot value for that pick from MLB was $2.57 million. This means the Twins have offered the power-hitting first-baseman slightly more than the suggested baseline.

The Twins were able to offer Sabato more money because their 2nd and 3rd round picks (OF Alerick Soularie and RHP Marco Raya) signed for less than their slot value. Soularie signed for $900,000 instead of his $1.185 million value, while Raya signed for $410,000 instead of $442,900.

On offense, Sabato RAKES! He finished his collegiate career at the University of North Carolina, with a .332 average, 25 home runs, and 81 RBI. However, he does have his share of issues on defense.

As our own Cameron Thompson wrote, that does limit his value. But it is clear that the Minnesota Twins front office is valuing players who have better offensive potential instead of an ability to win a Gold Glove.


This now means the Twins have signed three of their four draft picks. The only holdout is outfielder Kala’i Rosario, who’s slot value is $330,100. Yet the team and fans should both expect Rosario to sign. Especially with Soularie and Raya signing under slot value. Falvine now has $522,600 of the draft’s initial allotment ($4,528,600) to offer Rosario. In short, it is likely to happen.

RoundPlayerSlot ValueSigned For
1Aaron Sabato (1B)$2,570,100$2,750,000
2Alerick Soularie (OF)$1,185,500$900,000
4Marco Raya (RHP)$442,900$410,000
5Kala’i Rosario (OF)$330,100Unsigned

With Major League Baseball on the returning too, everything seems to be falling into place for the Minnesota Twins. From a potential World Series run in 2020 to the signing of draft picks to lead to the continued dominance of the Bomba Squad!

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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