Twins Sign Marwin Gonzalez in Sneaky Big Time Deal

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The Twins have splashed into the free agency market again today. Marwin Gonzalez is a great signing and will backup just about every position on the field outside of catcher and pitcher.

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Gonzalez played every position last year other than pitcher and catcher. Not only that, but he’s been good. He hit .247 last year with a .733 OPS but 2017 was his best season. He finished that year with a very impressive line of 134 G| 23 HR | 90 RBI| .303 BA | .377 OBP | .907 OPS. 

Here is Gonzalez’ career table via

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Now, Marwin Gonzalez might be the best (both in $$$ and hopefully in play) utility players in the MLB. I don’t think he’ll be listed as a starter on the depth chart. I’d imagine his games played will be comparable to past seasons (130-150) so he might just be constantly moving around the infield/outfield as long as everyone stays healthy and plays to expectations. He’s our new Eduardo Escobar.

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With Marwin and Willians on the bench, we won’t need anyone else… (this is a joke)

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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