Twins Should Say “No” to (SP) Chris Tillman & Make that Big Splash We’re Waiting For

Mar 3, 2013; Sarasota, FL, USA; Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Chris Tillman (30) against the Philadelphia Phillies during a spring training game at Ed Smith Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Morneau is set to become the latest ex-Twin to rejoin the organization in their post-playing career. Like O.J. did with his legal defense team, Minnesota is adding a plethora of off-the-field assistance.

Morneau returning is almost as much of a feel good story for Minnesotans as Millie getting Vikings’ tickets:


The way I see it, hiring the 2006 AL MVP is more of a PR move than anything. There is nothing that suggests he will add much, if any, REAL value in his role as a special assistant. I know Morneau played 14 years in the big leagues, but so have a hell of a lot of other guys.

Regardless, my frustration doesn’t lie with bringing back our beloved Canadian. It lies with the lack of actual roster moves we’ve made this offseason. Outside of the bullpen, the Twins have made ZERO additions towards their 2018 MLB team. At least this latest free agent rumor has more potential than the Nick Buss signing.

Along with Minnesota, Detroit and Baltimore (the franchise he’s pitched for his entire career), are also interested in acquiring Chris Tillman’s services.

The free agent is a 29 year-old, right-handed starting pitcher with a career 4.43 ERA over 1,118.1 innings pitched. In addition to his to low 90’s fastball, he bolsters a slider/cutter, curveball, and change-up. Due to shoulder issues, the 2013 All Star didn’t begin pitching last year until mid-May. Just like the Twins in the 2017 playoffs, this guy is a wildcard.

His stats from last season are bad enough to cause sea-sick-esque nausea.

  • 1-7 Win/Loss Record
  • 7.84 ERA
  • 1.892 WHIP

The California Native’s drop in velocity resulted in some of the worst pitching numbers throughout the entire majors. In fairness to Tillman, there’s a good chance his health was less than 100%.

Per reports, he is looking for a one year “prove it” type of deal, in hopes of acquiring more of a demand in the 2019 free agent market.

As for my opinion, I’m against signing Tillman. Like they teach you in junior high health class, about using drugs and alcohol, I’m just saying no.

Outside of Mike Zimmer, no one has a crystal ball that shows them the future. Whether or not Tillman has the ability to be anything close to his former All-Star self remains to be seen. Either way, the shoulder issues, parlayed with those 2017 statistics are obvious red flags.

If you scratch last season and peel back the onion to 2016, it shows he had an impressive 16-6 record. However, rip that sucker back another layer and you’ll see that he closed that season with a lackluster two wins over his final six decisions. In the event he does sign with Minnesota, I hope I’m eating crow while watching him perform well above his cost.

Yes, Yu Darvish carries a more expensive price tag than Tillman. With that being said, if you have champagne taste and champagne money, you buy f*cking champagne. Unfortunately, sometimes, the Pohlad’s taste buds resemble that of a Wisconsinite.

Damnit. What a waste. I either need their pockets, or they need my palate.


Johnny Minnesota @TheJohnnyMN
Minnesota Sports Fan