Twins Reportedly Top-Bidder in Existing Offers for Closer Craig Kimbrel

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It was only a couple of days ago when Toups called for the Twins to make a big and legitimate offer for Closing Pitcher, Craig Kimbrel. Well, if Seth believes this guy on Twitter (he has lots of listed credentials but Doogie doesn’t know him… so how big can Paul really be?), he’s probably battling an erection as I type.

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In my own elite baseball opinion (which I know is why you’re here), the Twins can go ahead and land Kimbrel but it’s just making up for guys that you missed on earlier in free agency. You were being too stubborn on contract length with others so you ended up with guys like Martin Perez and Blake Parker instead of who you were targeting. Now, you need to land Kimbrel for $15M/yr for 3 years (or maybe more when it’s all done) to keep shit from being dropped at your doorstep on a nightly basis.

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But even with that being the case, there is no doubt that Craig would bolster our bullpen into respectibility. Also, if 2019 starts successfully and we already have the 4-time MLB saves leader sitting in our pen, our upstairs brass could focus trade talks on landing the best possible starter to fill what would be BY FAR the biggest team weakness, while we look to bulk up for a playoff push at the deadline.

In other words, Kimbrel is a good add and I’m happy to have him but money could’ve been spent better elsewhere, earlier on (especially at starting pitcher).

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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