Kepler Drops 3 Bombs and Berrios Dazzles to Avoid Sweep in Cleveland

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It didn’t take long for Max Kepler to start his massive night on Thursday in Cleveland. In fact, it took only 2 pitches. He would finish the night with four hits, three of them being homeruns. It was a big night for Max too, because he was just 1 for his last 25 since May 28th. He’s probably feeling a bit better tonight, than when his head hit the pillow on Wednesday.

Trevor Bauer, on the other hand, may not sleep for awhile and the nightmares that are keeping him up will definitely feature Kepler.

But, Max wasn’t the only one that led the Twins to victory.

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Jose Berrios’ changeup was fucking disgusting tonight. He had Cleveland hitters looking like Helen Keller with a 10-inch stick. If Berrios can continue to master that changeup, turning it into a lights-out strikeout pitch for lefties, to go along with his slurve….. the rest of the MLB would be fucked.

…unless the bullpen screws it up like they almost did again tonight.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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