Twins Are Primed to Run Away with the AL Central…Before September

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Prior to Major League Baseball starting their 60-game season, no one really knew what to expect. While I predicted the Minnesota Twins would finish with an unblemished record, that was likely a far fetched outcome. It is too bad too. As my commemorative shirt now only represents yet another hot take gone south.

However, the Twins are still rocking and rolling. They have burst out to a 10-3 record through their first 13 games, which is tied for best start to a season for the Twins ever. While last year ended early in an ALDS sweep, this year seems to be different. The month of August for the Twins is looking ridiculously easy.

Which begs the question: Are the Twins about to run away with the AL Central before September rolls around?

We almost saw it last year when the Twins built a double digit lead only for the Cleveland Indians to catch up and play some of the best baseball in the league. While the Twins were able to eventually end the year leading the Central by eight games, that is nothing in comparison to what they could do this year.


Looking solely at the schedule, the Twins are poised to face two of the most middling teams in the league…for 16-straight games. They will face the Kansas City Royals (3-10) and Milwaukee Brewers (4-5) in both home and away series in the coming weeks. Neither the Royals or Brewers are looking great right now. Although both made have made their recent series interesting, their offenses have been anemic.

For the Royals, Jorge Soler is the only player carrying the team, but he still is only batting .239/.345/.758 with a pair of home runs. The Brewers have yet to see Christian Yelich play to the level of his 2018 MVP season or even 2019 MVP runner-up campaign. He’s currently hitting .088/.162/.368 with only three hits in 48 at-bats while also having a FIVE OPS+. One second, I need to go throw up. And we all thought Miguel Sano was struggling.

With a current three-game lead over the Chicago White Sox and 3.5-game lead over the Cleveland Indians, this is the moment to strike. So how do we think the Twins will do in this upcoming slate of games?


Ideally, they will go a perfect 16-0, putting everyone in the rearview mirror and securing an astronomical chance at one of the top seeds in the postseason. But the real world isn’t played on paper. Just look at how the Twins performed against the Pirates on Monday night. Needing a four-run sixth inning to tie the game and a walk-off hit to win.

While an unblemished run isn’t necessarily out of the question, it shouldn’t be expected. Yet looking at how the Royals and Brewers are playing, it may be safe to assume the Twins could win each of the upcoming series. If they did that, it would give them at least 11 wins. That could mean the Twins have a record of 21-8 if they win each series to 26-3 if they have a perfect record.

Yet as Baldelli mentioned, playing the same teams a lot in a short period of time could get weird. Whether it be scouting from the opposing team or the Twins needing to mix up the matchups and shifts. At least the Twins have showcased they are better than both teams and have the intuitiveness to make those changes with ease.

Maybe the Twins would finally receive some national recognition. Something that always seems to be lacking…looking at you Buster Olney.


There are other factors that are at play too. Whether it is three of the team’s five starting pitchers on the injured list or the ever-present threat of COVID-19 causing postponements or the season’s cancellation. Thanks, Marlins and Cardinals.

But we aren’t here to talk about the negatives. This is about the Twins absolutely toying with their opponents and running away with the division.

They absolutely do it too. Even though the starting lineup has regressed since 2019 and their first series against the White Sox, the team’s starting pitchers and bullpen have been relatively elite. Add in the bats are finally brushing off the rust. Twins fans should not fear about being atop of the division near the trade deadline at the end of August.


As discussed the other day, it could happen. But the team needs an ace pitcher to make it deep into October. Fans won’t be content with another amazing regular season just to wither away in the playoffs.

Yet optimism remains high and this is the arguably the best team in the majors. So place your bets now and start scoping out your spot on Nicollet Avenue for the championship parade, because the odds of the Twins making the playoffs as a top seed are only going to increase in the coming weeks. Under Baldelli’s leadership and the talent acquired, this team is set to smack the AL Central so hard they won’t know what hit them. So just keep winning and dropping the magic number closer to zero!

If it all goes according to plan, it will likely lead to a division lead anywhere from five to ten games in such a short season. Thankfully the Indians and rest of the Central are used to trying to play catchup.

Buckle up, Twins fans. You’re in for a helluva August.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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