Twins are Craig Kimbrel Away from a World Series Run

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A little over a month ago, I wrote my debut article for this website. In that piece, I ranked the Minnesota sports teams by who had the best chance at winning the next championship. The Twins came in 2nd. At that time, there were two things I thought the Twins needed to become legit World Series contenders.

The first need was a shutdown starter, to compliment Jose Berrios. But, it looks like that man might have already been in our clubhouse. Is a new and improved Jake Odorizzi good enough for you? Maybe a dominant lefty like Martin Perez? Well, if you’ve been watching this team play (like a good little boy/girl), your answers might sound something like “fuck yes” or “damn straight”.

My second front office mission back then, and something that still needs to be accomplished now, was finding a lights out bullpen guy. Maybe one who throws straight heat, has a godly beard, and says “eat shit” to the Red Sox. Maybe… Craig Kimbrel?


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Mainly because of their high dollar price tags and draft pick compensation (which is still mind boggling to me but it is what it is), Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel have remained free agents all season long, as we now pass the 1/3 mark of the regular season. But come Monday morning, teams no longer have to worry about giving up a compensation draft pick to sign these guys. When Monday rolls around, expect both of these fine young gentlemen to be signed faster than @b_heintzz rushing to defend Kirk Cousins when someone yells “overpaid”.

And god damnit, the Twins better be buyers.

Kimbrel makes more sense for the Twins than Keuchel (SP). The starting rotation is fairly set for the Tatersquad. Berrios/Odorizzi/Perez/Gibson/Pineda Smeltzer have pitched the twins into a top 5 AL pitching staff. There’s no need to mess with greatness. The bullpen however, could use some help. Although guys like Parker, Harper, and Rogers have all pitched well this year, you can never have too many strong arms in the pen. It’s tough to imagine one of those 3 relievers will hold up night after night against the best lineups in baseball, come October.

That’s where Kimbrel comes in, a hard throwing bearded ginger who has been arguably the best closer of his generation. His career numbers speak for themselves. Money is not an issue for the Pohlad family, so whatever he wants, give it to him. Minnesota needs to add a strong bullpen arm and it’s better to buy now with Kimbrel, when we won’t have to give anything up in return, than to trade away our farm system at the trade deadline. I’m not inside his head, and there hasn’t been many reports of where he desires to go, but wouldn’t you want to join the team with the best record in baseball?

Levine and company, prove to us that you are all in and spend that fucking money… so we can party like its 1991.

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