Twins 2021 Schedule Will Make 2nd Straight World Series Tough to Get

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As if one schedule release in a week wasn’t enough for you, Major League Baseball is feeding you more. MLB just announced their schedule for the 2021 regular season mere days after teams dropped their 60-game, 2020 schedules.

As it stands, MLB is looking to have things back to normal for 2021. Including a traditional 162-game schedule with Opening Day happening April 1st. Or maybe this is just a very early and very sick April Fool’s Day prank…

One unique quirk is that all 30 teams will play on Opening Day. This marks the fourth consecutive year this will have happened (including 2020’s original schedule). With 15 games in one day, baseball junkies will have their day filled. But for Minnesota Twins fans, all they care about is who they will face.


For the Twins, they are scheduled to open the season in Milwaukee against the bordering Brewers. Definitely an exciting opening series as both teams have had their fans fill the oppositions ballpark and played some memorable games!

In addition to the opening series against the Brewers, the Twins will play their inter-league games against the NL Central. If 2020 goes according to plan, it should set them up for a good year against those teams again in 2021. Keep in mind they solely play AL and NL Central teams in 2020.

This includes a four game split with the Chicago Cubs. At Target Field August 31-September 1 and at Wrigley September 22-23. So time to save up that PTO because games at Wrigley are notoriously fun!


Even if the Twins win it all in 2020 and look dominant headed into 2021, it won’t be a walk in the park. The schedule looks to be more brutal than what was put together for this year’s 60-game sprint.

Depending on how other teams look this year and in 2021, things could get dicey with quite a few difficult stretches of games. Including the White Sox twice, Athletics, and Indians May 11-23. And home stand against the Yankees and Astros.

There is even an absolutely killer stretch that looks to span most of August and into September where the Twins will face off against everyone from the Astros* and Yankees to the Rays, Red Sox, and Brewers with some AL Central foes mixed in. All in consecutive series. Uffda.

However, there is also a good mix of consecutive series against teams that will likely struggle such as the Tigers, Royals, and Orioles. All of whom the Twins feasted on in 2019. So it will be a balancing act.

The 2021 team will likely be without Nelson Cruz. But with a core that is becoming more veteran by the day, they are right in the middle of their championship window. If things fall their way and injuries do not plague them, I doubt anyone would want to face off against the Bomba Squad in 2021. But maybe we should focus on winning the World Series this year first.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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