Tuesday Could Decide Season for Perez, Cruz… and Twins

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Alright, so the headline for this article is SLIGHTLY misleading because Nelson Cruz’ fate for 2019 won’t be decided tomorrow. It will be decided today when he sees a specialist about the ruptured tendon in his wrist. In case you forgot, Nelson Cruz re-injured his wrist on a massive swing the other night but woke up the next morning with ZERO pain.

On top of that, he had an appearance scheduled the next day with Gleeman and the Geek and didn’t wear any sort of protection. According to those two, he didn’t favor the injured wrist at all. However, Sid Hartman wrote in his column Saturday night, that the ruptured tendon in Cruz’ hand could still need immediate attention…

…the word is that Cruz will see a specialist in New York to see whether or not he can play the rest of the season with a torn tendon in his wrist, and there is some positive news that it might be possible.

But if it isn’t, the 39-year-old might be done for the year.

So, stay close to your favorite beat writer for the Twins because the Nelson Cruz news should drop at some point today, and that announcement could be the difference in how we view 2019 for our favorite baseball team down the road.

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Martin Perez Could Make His Last Twins Start on Tuesday

Martin Perez looked like he could be the signing of the offseason (even over Nelson Cruz at the time) back in April and May. Up until his last start of May (30th), Perez was sporting an ERA under 3.00, with 7 wins, just 1 loss, and an opposing OPS of .645.

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Since then, Martin Perez has been absolutely awful. His ERA has been above 6 and he’s turned from the reliable lefty in the starting rotation, to a guy who might not get through the first 3 innings.

Now, the Twins are peeking elswhere for that reliabilty from the left side of the mound, and currently those eyes are locked on Devin Smeltzer. I’m sure they are as intrigued as I am, about how he is able to bounce back from his first poor outing a few days ago. Lewis Thorpe is another left-handed youngster the Twins are looking at using for a playoff run.

Michael Pineda is due back from his injury this week. He was pitching lights out before his injury. It’s likely that one of the two starting lefties will no longer be with the big club, when Pineda is activated. If Perez can’t bounce back and prove his worth in the starting rotation on Tuesday, there won’t be any point in him taking up a roster spot as we make the stretch run.

In other words, Perez is likely finished with the Twins if he doesn’t come out firing his best tomorrow night.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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