Tony Dungy Must Not Be Watching the Same Minnesota Vikings We Are

Photo: Associated Press

If you’ve sat through the first two 2020 Minnesota Vikings games, then you either hate yourself or you’re stupid. Tony Dungy is neither because it doesn’t look like he’s watched any games that feature our purple and gold. Either that, or he is watching a different Vikings team than I am.

How do I know? He tweeted something pretty bold on Wednesday afternoon. For those of us idiots who have watched just about every minute of Vikings football this season, Dungy’s take seems more uneducated, than it does bold.

Wait…. What?

I don’t know anything about the 0-2 Eagles or Texans, other than one has a former DII QB who can’t handle the spotlight, and the other traded their best player in the offseason.

It would take an absolute miracle for the Vikings to turn their ship around and finish 2020 in the playoffs. This is a team that can’t stop anyone on defense and can’t move the ball more than 9 yards per possession on offense.

We have Vikings Twitter fighting daily about whether to blame the coaches or the players (Kirk Cousins). The problem with their argument, is that they’re both right. Mike Zimmer and Gary Kubiak couldn’t coach themselves out of paper bags right now, but Kirk Cousins couldn’t find an open receiver during a 7-0 drill, if his last life-rock depended on it.

So, I either want some of whatever Tony Dungy is smoking OR I want to know how his hypnotist is. I’m all about some homerism, especially out of a media member… but this tweet goes beyond that. It borders on senile…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan