Tom Brady Believes Anthony Edwards is Playing the Wrong Sport

Ant Photo: Carlos Gonzalez - Star Tribune | Brady Photo: Getty Images

Remember, Anthony Edwards told us early on that he is an all-around athlete and that he could beat anybody at any sport. From time to time, he likes to show off his multi-sport talents on social media. And when he does, questions emerge on whether he might actually be right.

This time, Ant has caught the attention of Tom Brady, who came across the viral videos of Edwards throwing dimes all over the football field at 30-50 yards per completion. Seeing those videos propelled the greatest quarterback in football history to tweet that Anthony Edwards is playing the wrong sport.

Think about it. We weren’t sure Anthony Edwards was “the guy” before the Minnesota Timberwolves eventually drafted him #1 overall. Now, he looks like the franchise savior. Maybe the Vikings should give him a call. If Russell Wilson was able to play two sports, I’m convinced Ant can too. And obviously, so is Ant.

Oh, and don’t forget about his world class acting skills. Here are some of the other throws circling social media the past 24 hours.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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