Timberwolves Seem to have Avoided Disaster with Towns Injury

PHOTO: David Sherman/Getty Images
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The Timberwolves’ season is over and, in all reality, their future is as dim as Andrew Wiggins’ career outlook.

Yet, they have one bright spot that illuminates the hearts of Wolves fans’ everywhere. Karl-Anthony Towns is ascending into a superstardom that we haven’t seen since Kevin Garnett. Even the old Kevin Love is blushing.

But all of that hope was put in jeopardy Saturday night when KAT came up lame late in a game vs Washington (video below). Timberwolves’ nation has been holding its collective breath ever since. Very early indicators were positive but that was before any major testing and we’re always skeptical here. This is Minnesota where nice things like to go to die….

But, not KAT…. at least not yet.

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So, in two weeks time KAT has now avoided serious injury from both a car accident involving a semi-truck, where he himself said he easily could have died; and now what looked like a season-ending knee injury where he seemed to hear something “pop”, which is usually the open/shut indicator for some sort of tear to one of the “CL” ligaments.

I’m starting to believe that if anyone can lead the Timberwolves out of this deep and dark abyss that seems to have no end…. it’s the “Big Meow”. If he can defy the realities of physics then maybe he stands a shot against the supernatural forces keeping Minnesota from winning sports teams…

Here is Karl’s moment of injury and then him mouthing “it popped” on the sideline.

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The Wolves will tip off tonight vs the New York Knicks at 7 PM and Karl is listed as questionable. There have been those who have called to shut KAT down, no matter his health. As much as I’d like to see the Wolves lose some games to secure better draft position, sitting your budding Superstar instead of letting him bloom is a bad idea. Beyond that, this tweet about Karl’s contract and All-NBA status is another motivator for him to stay on the floor.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan


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