Timberwolves Release 2020-21 Season Tix Packages; Includes 50% Off Everything (Yes Alcohol) On Game Days…

Going to arenas and stadiums to watch high-level college and professional sports teams, is dying. TV’s are getting bigger and clearer. Lives are getting busier and relying more on convenience.

And going to high-level sporting events is expensive as fuck. The profit margin for fountain pop at a [insert favorite team here] game still give rich old men like Glen Taylor and Jim Pohlad erections that last longer than 4 hours.

But with times changing, so must these sports organizations, when it comes to the game day experience. Making concessions and apparel cheaper is a huge step in the right direction and the Timberwolves realize that.

If you buy season tickets with the Wolves for 2020-21, you get 50% off concessions, including apparel…. food… and ALCOHOL.

That’s right. You can now get hammered at a Wolves game, if you hold season tickets, for half the cost of any previous season.

Let’s be real. Glen wasn’t going to raise prices after the product he’s put on the floor over the last two years. A two-year price lock is nice, I guess.

But again, how big time are the 50% concessions? You need to eat/drink while you watch games. It’s as necessary as breathing. But, seeing the $27 price tag on a small pop and a pack of Twizzlers, makes me want to pickpocket the guy next to me…

Add a couple beers + a Mike’s Hard Pounder… and now I’m out here begging for spare change after games like I’m Latrell Sprewell. But not next year for season ticket holders.

So, if you are bought in on the new vision of the Timberwolves, go get season tickets. Don’t do it for the team or to make Glen feel better…

…do it for the 1/2 price snacks and foam fingers.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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