In Philly, Timberwolves Prove They’re Everything Jimmy Butler Said They Were

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Look, I hate Jimmy Butler just as much as every other Timberwolves fan. I’m the one who wrote this lovely piece about how he ruined our franchise. However, sometimes you need to look in the mirror and admit when someone calls you out and they are right. When Jimmy Butler called the Wolves “soft” he was right. And they proved that last night when they traveled to play against Jimmy Drama in Philadelphia.

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If you think the final score looks bad, look a little deeper into those personal numbers listed on our postgamers. Karl Anthony-Towns really busted out and showed Joel Embiid why he’s one of the top centers in the game. He threw up a whopping 13 pts | 3 reb performance.

And Andrew Wiggins really showed that he could be the superstar Jimmy Butler thinks he’s too soft to be. His 12 pts and 4 reb really were crucial in the 42-point loss.

Jimmy brought his new team, to his new stadium, in front of his new fans, and beat the living fuck out of us. We were left in Philly vomiting up our own teeth on their shit-covered side walks, as they still drunkily celebrate their Super Bowl from last year…


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What a fucking embarrasment.

The Wolves thought they were going to go into Philly and prove something. Not just to Jimmy, but to the Western Conference. And they did. They proved that Jimmy Butler was right all along. The Timberwolves are soft and have no chance of winning a championship with Karl and Wiggins as centerpieces.

Oh, and then they took to social media to pile on. Fun stuff.

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