Timberwolves New Nike “City” Uniforms Released

After originally being leaked on NBA 2K, the Timberwolves Nike’s “City” uniforms have officially been released. The all grey style represents the fourth and final new jersey for Minnesota.

In my personal opinion, it’s a terrible look. However, my disdain may be a blessing for the Wolves franchise. I failed fifth grade art and it wasn’t due to a lack of effort. The right side of my brain is absolute garbage. So, who knows? Maybe these uniforms will be a hit and I’ll be reminded of my artistic deficiencies.

Their appearance is meant to represent our community’s “unifying nature and hometown pride.” #MinnesotaNice. Speaking of Minnesotans, we will have to wait a little over a month for the “City” jerseys to be unveiled on the court. Per the Timberwolves official website, they will be worn for the first time on February 1 vs. Milwaukee.

Another change this year is the allowance of outside company’s logos on the uniforms. As you can see above, Glen Taylor partnered with FitBit. That business relationship also includes the world champion, Minnesota Lynx, and the Wolves’ G-League affiliate. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a dollar amount attached to the three-year deal.

Speaking of partnering with sports franchises, U.S. bank agreed to pay $220 million for the naming rights to the Vikings stadium. The quarter century long agreement averages out to $8.8 million annually. That’s almost 4.5x as much as Case Keenum will make this NFL season.

Wells Fargo frustrates me to all hell, but this poker move was an all-time classic:

So petty you almost have to respect it. That Vikings and Wells Fargo eventually standoff eventually ended with a court-ordered settlement. Due to contractual obligations between the Wilf owned franchise and the Fortune 100 Bank, the financial retainer took the brunt of the judge’s decision.

In closing, if you missed out on Monday’s NBA bender, I apologize.

My only complaint regarding it was that there were no special holiday uniforms. Some complete and utter bullshit. Step it up, Nike. A little less Oakland Raiders themed Timberwolves ensembles and a little more of you doing your part on December 25th. Thank you. XOXO.

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