Timberwolves Have Reportedly Traded Robert Covington + Most of Team in 4-Team Blockbuster


Holy shit! We just cannot catch a break (or any sleep) tonight… Here I was, thinking I was about to watch eyelids, when another Woj Bomb drops from 10,000 feet…. actually, it was more like a carpet bomb that just kept on getting longer

Sure, this deal was getting to the point of certainty, but to see it actually go down still feels a bit shocking, especially with the way the deal broke in bits and pieces. Do we need to be ready for D-Lo to be on his way to Minnesota before the night is over still?

According to Woj just now on ESPN, the Wolves are out on Russell. He said there are still a couple of days before Thursday’s deadline for that to change… but he actually said we are out for now.

I’m sure they wanted Covington somehow, but it’s still surprising to hear the Wolves are totally out now on D-Lo. I feel like we added to the package we can offer a TANKING Golden State team. We now have another 1st round pick and more filler..

Speaking of Filler:

The Wolves have taken on a bunch of young hot garbage, from everything we’ve heard so far… and given up a lot of their own young pieces. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. All of the acquisitions have been youngsters with cheap contracts or Evan Turner, who falls off the books after this season.

The 1st round pick is what the Wolves coveted, obviously. The Wolves draft pick compensation in this trade comes from Atlanta, but is actually the Brooklyn Nets’ 1st round pick for 2020 .

Right now, the Nets are clinging to a playoff birth in the shallow Eastern Conference with a record of 22-27. We’ll see how long the Wolves keep that pick. They could trade it tomorrow or wait all the way until the night of the draft..

So, to recap all of this craziness (so far) as we hit midnight:

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