Timberwolves Have Gone Full-Don King on Andrew Wiggins Hype Train

Photo: @Timberwolves - Twitter
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Has anyone else been hanging around the Timberwolves social media accounts over the last couple of weeks? I don’t know if they are trying to butter Andrew Wiggins up after hearing he was so upset about the trade rumors he was involved in earlier this summer… or maybe they are trying to market him to other teams in hopes of forming an eventual trade partner?

 I don’t know but whatever the reasoning is, the Timberwolves have gone full Don King on the Andrew Wiggins marketing campaign recently. It’s astounding.

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Not only is it astounding… but it’s working. I’m seeing hope all over our social medias, though I’m yet to hear many media members jump in on the hype. I know the Wolves make it look easy but climbing aboard the Andrew Wiggins hype train is a risky proposition, especially on the internet. Stuff doesn’t go away on the internet.

Hype him up though, Timberwolves. Outside of letting down a few fans, who clearly have issues with separation anxiety, there’s nothing to hurt by posting daily videos of Wiggins cutting through lanes without defense and dribbling really well without anyone in front of him; or even hyping up a change in hairstyle, as if it means he can try hard now that his braids aren’t pulling at his scalp. 

Hopefully, you can improve his image enough to deal him before the start of 2020.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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