Anthony Edwards: “We Feel Like We’re Just the Better Team”

Anthony Edwards - NBA Playoffs - Denver Nuggets at Minnesota Timberwolves
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Well, Minnesota Timberwolves media caught up with Anthony Edwards after practice Saturday, on the eve of arguably the biggest moment in franchise history, a Western Conference semifinals game 7 on Sunday night vs the defending champion Denver Nuggets.

Ant all but called a game 6 victory when walking past an arena attendant before leaving Denver following a game 5 loss that put the Wolves up against the ropes. Was he willing to do the same before a do or die game 7?

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves believe they are better than the Denver Nuggets

Not quite. Instead, when asked by media if winning games one and two in Denver gives the team any additional confidence in game 7, Anthony Edwards pushed back, saying that the Nuggets kicked their asses back in Minneapolis and once in Colorado, so that didn’t matter.

What does matter, according to the Timberwolves blossoming young superstar (and leader), is that the Timberwolves believe they are the better team. That’s what gives them confidence.

“I think we are confident just because we are a great team. We are going against another great team and we feel like we’re just the better team. That’s all the confident that we need. The two previous games don’t mean anything because they beat our ass on our home court so that don’t mean anything. Right now, it’s just about who plays better tomorrow.”

Anthony Edwards on the Minnesota Timberwolves’ confidence that they are a better team than the Denver Nuggets

A lot could happen on Sunday night and a lot of it will come down to who hits shots and who doesn’t or how the ball bounces is the final minutes of a game that will decide which of these two teams moves on to play in the Western Conference finals.

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But if there is anybody that I could have on my team for such a game, it would be Anthony Edwards. I know the other team has the MVP and maybe Nuggets fans will find that hyperbolic. But if you firmly believe that Ant is the next face of this league, then this just feels like another step to destiny.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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