Anthony Edwards Wins the Three NBA Fan Favorite Awards That Matter, Because of Course He Did

Anthony Edwards - Minnesota Timberwolves
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Anthony Edwards has become among the most exciting players in the NBA this season, and he is pushing boundaries on a nightly basis. Hopefully, he has more boundaries to push past (like pushing the Minnesota Timberwolves into the NBA Finals).

The National Basketball Association is all about propping up its superstars and highlighting the most exciting moments that take place on its hardwood throughout the year. No league does social media and instant viral moments better that the NBA.

Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards sweeps NBA Fan Favorite awards (that matter)

And on Friday, our very own Anthony Edwards was rewarded for all of the jaw-dropping moments he provided the league throughout the 2023-2024 NBA season by winning three of the six ‘NBA Fan Favorite’ awards, including Dunk of the year, Block of the year and Photo of the year, a trio of compliments that couldn’t be more reflective of his exciting and explosive play style.

Upon receiving the trophies from his teammates, Edwards addressed the fans saying, “Appreciate y’all man. I’m super happy to receive the awards. All the hard work I put in has paid off and you guys showed love, so thank you. It’s gonna feel even better giving them to my people.”

Giving the awards to a trio of coaches that helped him reach these heights was a pretty cool gesture to see. The only awards he didn’t win were Assist of the year (we don’t want Ant passing), Handle of the year (OK?) and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander won Style of the year (Ant wears sweats to games and doesn’t care about ‘drip’).

Anthony Edwards’ Dunk of the Year

Anthony Edwards’ dunk of the year took place against the Utah Jazz when the Minnesota Timberwolves star broke the internet by taking down John Collins. His slam left Kyle Anderson’s jaw on the floor, and showed off just how little the Ant Man worries about obstacles in his way.

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Anthony Edwards Block of the Year

The block of the year awarded to Anthony Edwards came while rocking the classic Minnesota Timberwolves jerseys. Chasing down the Indiana Pacers slasher from behind, Edwards got up to swat the ball while hitting his head on the rim. Clearly Edwards has substantial hops that have been shown off when he is throwing down massive dunks, but his block may have been among the most impressive you will ever see.

Anthony Edwards Photo of the Year

Rounding out the trio was his photo of the year, in which Edwards put Collins on a poster. With a view towards the rafters of the Delta Center, Collins was left to flail his hands as Edwards basically said look out below. The massive slam was a highlight reel play that will remain among his greatest plays for the duration of his career.

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It has been a season of accolades for Edwards, and there is still a trophy out there that he is most definitely hoping to add alongside of the rest. As the Minnesota Timberwolves look to take down the Dallas Mavericks and advance to the NBA Finals, capping off the season with a Larry O’Brien Championship trophy would be better than icing on the cake.

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