This Vikings Draft Day Trade Sends Danielle Hunter to the Cowboys and Gets Rick Spielman Fired

Photo: Stephen Maturen - Getty Images

The NFL Draft is nearly upon us. The first round will take place in Cleveland one week from today and start at 7 PM. it’s become a can’t miss event for even the most average of NFL fans. And with every day that the draft gets closer, more and more mock drafts are uploaded onto the internet. We don’t know how many mocks the internet can hold, but the NFL blogging world is determined to find out.

Today, Bill Barnwell (ESPN) released a mock draft that consists of ALL trades. That’s right. Nobody takes an actual college player in this mock draft. It’s just about trades that might make sense for each team in the first round. Well, Bill went a bit off the rails with the Dallas Cowboys at #10 overall.


Can you imagine being so closed-minded, as an NFL analyst, that you’d believe Danielle Hunter is worth just a 2nd and 4th round pick in future drafts? If the Minnesota Vikings want to dangle Danielle Hunter in front of a team so they can move up in the first round then they’d better be shooting for higher than #10.

Why does everyone suddenly lose 200 IQ points whenever they talk about the Cowboys? This deal would get Rick Spielman fired and I’m not one to call for someone’s job but writing something like this should have ESPN second guessing Billy Barnwell’s employments status within their company.

This is better

Barnwell’s trade for the Vikings at #14 actually makes sense. Spielman trades back to #24 in the 1st round and gets the Pittsburgh’s 1st rounder in 2022. The Steelers get #14 and one of the Vikings four 4th rounders later in the 2021 draft.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan