The Vikings Will Make the Playoffs But Kirk Cousins Ain’t It.

ANTHONY SOUFFLÉ • [email protected]
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I’ve seen enough.

After 20 games in a Vikings uniform, the jury is no longer out on Kirk Cousins.

He ain’t it.

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Yesterday, the Vikings played in a game that should have fit them perfectly. It was playoff-style football; the type of game that this entire team has been built for… except for the two most important parts: the offensive line and Kirk Cousins. In case your mind is wandering and you feel like looking a little “deeper” into the Vikings loss yesterday… just save your time. I’ve found all of the Vikings QB numbers from yesterday that you need to see:

Kirk Cousins vs Bears:

  • 0: TD
  • 14.8: QBR

Not a disbeliever yet? How about season numbers? Remember, this is through 4 games… lol

Kirk Cousins 2019 Season:

  • 3 – TD
  • 2 – INT
  • 25.5 – QBR
  • 193 YPG


You think the rest of our team is talented right now, think about what we could do with an extra $20M to spend? Think about the offensive linemen we could buy with that much extra spending cash in our back pockets? Ohhhhhh the possibilities… instead, we are stuck with Kirk for another season, since we guaranteed his contract and he’d be a $31 Million cap hit next season, if we cut him before it started. This guy’s agent deserves a raise and more clients.

Who Else Can We Blame?

The Vikings defense was pretty damn good (just like they have been all season), outside of the 1st drive, where they gave up their only TD of the day. The Chicago offense managed 16 points, total. I’m not sure what else you could want. It isn’t their job to put points on the board.

Kubiak and Dennison may have been sent from heaven but there was no running scheme yesterday (with this offensive line), that was going to legally move the ball vs the Bears’ defense. It was up to Kirk. He needed to make some plays.. and as he has for his entire career, in moments where his team has needed him the most, #8 crumbled. His offensive line was sub-par, per usual, but he had plenty of drop backs with ample time and open receivers. He missed most of those open receivers with his eyes, opting not to throw at all and instead drop off to CJ Ham for 2 yards, but definitely had a few balls that he missed with his arm too.

It’s not just the fan base that’s losing faith in Kirk. Look no further than the reaction from his receivers, postgame. Stefon Diggs left the locker room before media could enter. That comes after a week+ of avoiding the media entirely, and voicing his displeasure with the lack of passing consistency so far in 2019. Adam Thielen did have something to say, though.

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The good news:

I believe the 2019 Minnesota Vikings still get to double-digit wins and make the playoffs, despite Kirk Cousins. I expect Mike Zimmer and the offensive coaches to get together and start developing gameplans that lead to winning, by using Cousins as little as possible. This is one of the best defenses in the league and we have the best running back too. So, rely on that defense and continue to match Dennison’s zone scheme genius with Cook’s unmatched combination of speed, quickness, and power. Luckily, when you have Kubiak and Dennison, you don’t even need an offensive line that’s any good, to run the ball effectively… unless you are playing against a defense as good as the Bears, which 99% of the league doesn’t have.

I’ve seen a few weirdos around the internet who are trying to actually place blame on our defense… which is absurd. We are talking about a unit that, in 4 games, has given up just 15.75 points per game, only allowed one team to score over 20 (GB – 21), and if you take out garbage time, a defense that has given up 5 TD’s total all season (3 of those in first quarters.)

Unfortunately, like Adam said in the video above, you will need to pass the ball eventually and when the playoffs start, you’ll have to rely on Kirk Cousins to win you a football game with his arm and small balls, which will be a futile hope. So, after this season the Vikings need to figure something out. There are rookie quarterbacks that are flourishing all over the league. Go find your guy in next year’s draft and make the move to get him. Don’t fuck up either.

Until then, we’ll just bitch about our current QB during the week, and then paint on our clown faces every Sunday, while we pray for divine intervention for Kirk Cousins.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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