The Vikings Sign a New QB… Wait, WTF is a Sean Mannion?

PHOTO CREDIT: Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images
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It’s now being reported that the Vikings are signing Sean Mannion and lucky for all of us, Minnesota Sports Fan’s Brian Heintz was already on the Sean Mannion information train weeks ago. Here is the official announcement from the Vikings followed by B’s breakdown from a few weeks ago.

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Originally Posted 3/26/2019

There has been a lot of chatter about the Vikings and the backup QB position, as we move towards the 2019 campaign. Kyle Sloter seems to be the obvious choice of the fans, but the last few weeks a new name has started to make its way around Vikings Twitter and the world is literally coming to an end (read the replies to the Wolfson tweet directly below). But then again, when anything happens that is usually the case on Twitter…

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WTF is a Sean Mannion? Backup QB’s aren’t really the topic for conversation, but if we all go back to 2017, the Vikings brought in a vet and it turned into 13-3. This team is just one giant storyline day after day after day… Let’s dive in and see who or what a Sean Mannion is.

Mannion was drafted in the 3rd round (89th Overall) of the 2015 draft by the then St. Louis Rams, and stayed with the team when they moved to LA. Mannion played 4 years at Oregon State University. In his time there, Mannion started 43 games, completing 1,187 of 1,838 passes for 13,600 yards, 83 touchdowns and 54 interceptions.

Mannion’s best year was his 2013 Redshirt Junior year when he completed 66.3% of his passes for 4,662 yards and 37 TD passes. He also had a QB rating of 146.6. He stands 6’6″, so he has the big body, big arm look but outside of his 2013 campaign, he was pretty average. That one year of amazing, though, eventually got him selected in the 3rd round.

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Mannion has hardly seen the field in the pros, although he did get to go to the Super Bowl this past season as a backup. In his career with the Rams, Mannion has thrown for just 253 yards and 1 INT in games that count.

As usual, people are looking way too much into this. There’s nothing wrong with competition, and it will be good for a young guy like Kyle Sloter to not just be gifted the backup QB gig. It’s important to show up to work, having to work. Coach Zimmer has always seen results with the “everybody is replaceable” business model, and this is just a testament to that.

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Brian Heintz | Minnesota Sports Fan

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