The Thielen/Cousins “Call-Out/Apology” is the Most Overblown Story in History of Overblown stories

Dec 30, 2018; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen (19) talks to quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) on the sidelines in the fourth quarter against Chicago Bears at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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I’ve stood idly by, just watching this story go national over the last 24 hours, before it actually appeared on both Early SportsCenter and Get Up this morning on ESPN. It’s funny too. If the Vikings were 4-0, with Kirk Cousins piling up 1400 yards and 14 TD’s already, everyone who exclusively watches that channel would still be in the dark on Minnesota even having a football team, after Brett Favre left.

But, I’ve had enough. This slander against my football team needs to stop. Everyone says Adam Thielen called out Kirk Cousins, by calling out the entire passing game. Then, they think it’s funny that Cousins “apologized” to him afterward. Reading the headlines and looking at the internet memes, you’d think these two guys were on “Big Brother” and the mics caught them in a closed room; Kirk was crying and Thielen was telling him that he just isn’t pretty enough.

Here are the headlines and then I’ll post what both Cousins and Thielen said (with context), and you can decide if Thielen hates Kirk and if Kirk is the disgraced boyfriend that’s still texting him at 2 AM, hoping to catch him drunk and vulnerable:

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Here is what Thielen said (if you haven’t seen it or need a refresher), and then both video and text of Kirk’s apology to Adam and Stefon, from his radio show. By the way, it’s just an afterthought of course, but I also added in Thielen’s clarification (on Kirk’s radio show) on his comments from the postgame. Again, it’s just funny that all of the national outlets pick this story (or at least parts of it) as the only story they will cover on the Vikings all season.

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I really want to apologize to [Thielen] because there’s too many opportunities where we could have hit him on Sunday,” Cousins said on KFAN, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, “and postgame when I talk to the media I always say, ‘Hey, until I watch the film it’s hard for me to really give you a straight answer.’

“Well, now it’s Tuesday night. I’ve watched the film and the reality is there were opportunities for [Thielen]. The one that’s most obvious is the third-and-10 at the beginning of the game. We’re near midfield. That’s arguably seven points. If you put the ball where it needs to be he’s shown . . . that he will make that play and he’ll probably finish the play in the end zone and pull away from the defender.

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Look, I fanned the flames to the fire yesterday by interpreting what I thought “honest Adam Thielen” would have said in that postgame (and I do believe he is frustrated with Cousins right now). But, if you are going to say that Thielen was “calling out Kirk Cousins” in that interview, then you’re reading between the lines, because he never said anything about Kirk and used “we” a lot. Let’s remember, that only one guy on offense passes the ball but there are a lot of different parts that make it work.

Then, after he watches the tape, Kirk takes the blame and admits what we all saw. He missed guys a lot. Does that mean we should give him a break? Fuck No. But, why are we calling a guy out for admitting he sucked? Would you rather he lies and says that Thielen and Diggs need to get more open… or that he just doesn’t answer the question at all?

If we are going to drag these guys through the mud whenever they are honest with us or even “PC” honest with us, then they are going to stop giving us anything. Instead, we’ll be getting more of what Stefon Diggs is doing, which is ignoring the media entirely and trolling us with his Twitter and Instagram accounts instead.

I guess we just need to start winning so we can get off of ESPN’s radar again.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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