The Scoop Radio (5/6)

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Today on The Scoop Eric Strack joins to talk Kentucky Derby and the dramatic finish on Saturday. Eric also talks Twins-Yankees, and the Gersson Rosas introductory press conference.

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  1. (00:00)
    Show Open
  2. (01:08)
    Leading Off
  3. (04:52)
    Eric Strack on the Twins forgetting New York and when Miguel Sano should rejoin the team
  4. (17:25)
    Eric on the Vikings declining Laquon Treadwell’s 5th year option
  5. (22:53)
    Eric on the impression Gersson Rosas made in his introductory press conference
  6. (34:14)
    Eric on the drama at the end of the Kentucky Derby
  7. (39:00)
    2 Minute Warning