The Scoop Radio (5/17)

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Today on The Scoop Alex Zappa joins to give his 1st and 2nd team All NBA selections. Brad Gelber joins to talk New York Jets, Pancho Billa, and Joe Flacco not mentoring Drew Lock. Justin Jett joins to talk NBA Playoffs and more Lakers dysfunction.

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  1. (00:00)
    Show Open
  2. (01:10)
    Leading Off
  3. (04:03)
    Alex Zappa picks his All NBA 1st and 2nd Teams
  4. (32:49)
    Brad Gelber on the Jets, Pancho Billa and Joe Flacco as a mentor to Drew Lock
  5. (56:30)
    Justin Jett on the Conference Finals and more Lakers dysfunction
  6. (76:33)
    2 Minute Warning

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