The Scoop Radio (4/26)

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Today on The Scoop Alex Zappa joins to break down the first round of the NFL Draft, the finish of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and Game of Thrones. Brad Gelber joins to break down some of the biggest highlights from the NFL Draft’s first round, and the Tyreek Hill situation. Justin Jett joins to preview the second round of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs and another wrinkle to the Magic Johnson-Lakers saga.

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  1. (00:00)
    Show Open
  2. (03:20)
    Leading Off
  3. (06:04)
    Alex Zappa on the NFL Draft
  4. (32:28)
    Alex on the NBA Playoffs as they shift to the second round
  5. (45:32)
    Brad Gelber on Tyreek Hill and the first round of the NFL Draft
  6. (72:11)
    Justin Jett on the first round of the NBA Playoffs and the start of the Semifinals
  7. (93:54)
    2 Minute Warning