The Scoop Radio (4/19)

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Today on The Scoop Jake Jensen joins to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs and if Paul Fenton made the right move giving Bruce Boudreau a vote of confidence. Luke Parrish joins to discuss his favorite prospects at key positions ahead of the NFL Draft. Brad Gelber joins to talk about recent NFL headlines including Gronk denting the Lombardi Trophy. Justin Jett joins to talk about the NBA Playoffs.

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  1. (00:00)
    Show Open
  2. (01:15)
    Leading Off
  3. (04:27)
    Jake Jensen on the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  4. (30:52)
    Jake on if Paul Fenton giving Bruce Boudreau a vote of confidence was the right move
  5. (36:38)
    Luke Parrish on his favorite draft prospects at OL, DL, LB, WR, DB
  6. (52:00)
    Brad Gelber on NFL Headlines including Gronk denting the Lombardi Trophy
  7. (77:07)
    Justin Jett on the NBA Playoffs and the Wolves POBO Search
  8. (99:16)
    2 Minute Warning