The 12-Minute Timberwolves Documentary You Absolutely Need to See

SACRAMENTO, CA - 1991: Felton Spencer #50, Tony Campbell #19, Pooh Richardson #24 and Sam Mitchell #42 of the Minnesota Timberwolves line up for an inbound play during a game against the Sacramento Kings circa 1991 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
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How fucking awesome is this documentary? Holy moly, there is so much to go over that I don’t know where to start… I feel like a numbered list is the best way to go. Dan (WHENESOTA – he made and narrated this doc), you aren’t going to like number 1 but I’m going in order that they appeared in the movie and the worst part happens to be first… Sorry, honesty is what this site is about.

1. Nobody cares about the women’s “professional” and collegiate championships Minnesota has won, that Dan names at the beginning of this movie. I’m not sexist, it’s just a fact. The Lynx have built a pretty nice following but their league still doesn’t really generate revenue… or fans. As far as the rest that are listed, I’m sure we can find professional wiffle ball teams in Minnesota that have won championships too. Alright Dan, I’m Moving on…

2. The good stuff starts at the 1:50 mark. The MINNEAPOLIS Lakers. Honestly, I’m too young to care about the Lakers moving to LA. I still just find it hilarious that they held onto the nickname “Lakers”, when LA has no lakes…

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3. LOL, the Timberwolves have been fooling the state of Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis since its founding

4. This part of the movie absolutely sold me. I love the personal story that Dan gives about his experience with the 1st Timberwolves draft pick ever… not Pooh Richardson BUT Rick Mahorn. He had just come off of a finals victory, after first beating Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals. He was told about the Wolves drafting him while celebrating at the championship parade! He had to clean out his fucking locker IMMEDIATELY after… Imagine that. The Pistons were so devastated by Mahorn’s departure that they disbanded the “Bad Boys”, as said by Isaiah Thomas in the interview seen in the video.

Then days after being ripped from the team he loved, along with the chance at defending the NBA title he had just won, Rick Mahorn gets to his first event as a Timberwolf and the fan he is guarding (Dan), in a stupid little 3 v 3 promotional game, is wearing a Michael Jordan shirt. And, it took 25 years for Dan to realize what Mahorn probably thought about that shirt. Mahorn ABSOLUTELY had to think that Dan was wearing that shirt just to troll him… I would have… I’m petty enough for sure. That is such a crazy fucking story… And then to have video of the event… just incredible. Dan has a blog about his entire experience on his website HERE.

5. LOL, the Wolves draft history has to be the worst of any franchise ever… and then Joe Smith…

6. LOL, David Kahn………………………………………

7. I miss Kevin Love a little bit. Can we exchange Andrew Wiggins back for him?

Dan slid into my DM’s to chat with me months ago about this documentary film he was doing on the history of heartbreak that is Minnesota sports. I loved the idea and I think Dan is genius. After offering him any position he wanted on our website, and him repeatedly turning me down (I’ll get him someday), he started finishing off the first parts of the film. And as you have now seen, they are fantastic.

Part One was about the history of the Minnesota North Stars and Minnesota Wild called “Norm Still Sucks“. I highly recommend you watch that AND subscribe to the “Dan Whenesota” the YouTube Channel so you are made aware of Part 3 (Twins), when he releases that.

You can also hear Dan talk about the movie on KFAN this last weekend with Scott Korzenowski, who subbed in for Barreiro on “Sunday Sermons”:

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You can also check out a bunch of other great blogs and thoughts from Dan on his website,

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan


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