Aug 10, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins center fielder Max Kepler (26) celebrates after hitting a home run during the fifth inning against the Cleveland Indians at Target Field. Photo: Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
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Yesterday was quite the letdown. The Twins played on YouTube for the entire internet world to see and things were going REALLY well… until the 8th inning when Sergio Romo entered the game. A Polanco error and a dribbler-hit later led to this… and the end of my optimism for the night.

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But I awoke this morning in a better mood, especially when I peeped the Twins’ schedule through the rest of August… because the Twins are nearing 13 straight games vs the Tigers and the White Sox, starting Monday. News Alert: Those two teams are bad.

But first, we are on our way to Arlington, Texas to play the baseball team version of the Texas Rangers (luckily… playing the real version would have been dangerous). The baseball team has lost 6 of their last 8, including losing 2 out of 3 to the terrible Blue Jays this week. They did win the getaway game yesterday afternoon, though.

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If the Rangers would have lost yesterday, they’d be under .500 and the Twins would be preparing for 17 straight games vs. sub-.500 teams. That’s just for novelty though because the Rangers have been playing like a bad team for over a week now and the Twins should be able to take advantage.

We need to dominate the next 3 weeks and these 3 shitty opponents. The White Sox and Tigers combined for a 90-146 record this season and the Rangers might be playing even worse than those two. We’ve been talking about the Twins schedule turning to crap for a long time now, as Cleveland’s been coming up on our ass faster than Vin Diesel in a Fast and Furious movie, and that part of the schedule is finally here.

We need to do as my dad said back in the day and “make hay while the sun is shining”. While we play the Rangers and White Sox for the next week, Cleveland will play both New York teams, who happen to be two of the hottest teams in baseball. This is an opportunity to gain 3-6 games in one week’s time, before the teams on the Indians’ schedule start to look shittier than ours (Detroit/KC).

The Twins will also get Nelson Cruz back early next week.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan


Eric Strack

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