Thad Levine a “Significant Player” in Phillies’ POBO Search

Photo: Pioneer Press - Scott Takushi

The dynamic duo that I long ago coined, “Falvine” could soon be no longer. That’s right, General Manager Thad Levine could be leaving the Minnesota Twins to take the President of Baseball Operations job for the Philadelphia Phillies (per NY Post Columnist, Joel Sherman).

Obviously, Levine hasn’t been offered the job yet but he’s clearly one of the favorites. Let me remind Twins Nation, that this is a good thing. If other teams aren’t coming for your team executives, it’s because you don’t have good team executives and you probably aren’t a very good team.

With that said, I hope the Phillies give the job to someone other than Thad Levine.


According to, Levine helps lead the Twins organization “in all facets”. Those areas include MLB operations, scouting, player development and player procurement. Thad isn’t all about baseball, though. He graced the Twin Cities Business’ list of “100 People to Know” in 2018.

I’m not sure what happened in 2019 that pushed him off this prestigious list, but the Phillies must be willing to look beyond that one resume flaw, if they’re going to eventually pull the trigger.

Thad Levine spent eleven seasons as the Texas Rangers Assistant GM, before Derek Falvey hired him for the Twins. He also spent 1999-2004 working his way up the Colorado Rockies organization.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan