Teddy Bridgewater Ready to Play After Bye Week – A Fan Base Divided

The Vikings may have a QB controversy. The fans sure do… ICYMI: Barr vs Rodgers

There is palpable dissension in the ranks of Vikings’ fans right now. On Twitter, you can cut it with a knife. It reminds me a lot of our political atmosphere. To everyone involved, there’s a definite right or wrong answer. But, to each fan, the correct answer can be a different name. Sticking with the political theme, the Vikings also have 3 major parties involved, 2 of which are definitely favorites, when at full strength.

Heading each party, and driving the madness, are the 3 quarterbacks on the Minnesota Vikings’ roster. Case Keenum has looked like the veteran high-end backup quarterback the Vikings bargained for in free agency. He has been consistent and he has been a leader. Consistent, however, means both the good and the bad. He makes good decisions and you don’t feel like you have to worry about the “big mistake” when he is behind center. He also has an uncanny above-average ability to step up in the pocket to avoid the rush. However, he struggles to throw the ball accurately beyond 8 yards and the corner route is really a struggle at times.

In all reality, we have no idea what to expect from Teddy Bridgewater, once he takes the field. Some, myself included at times, want to force our hope for Teddy’s future, into actual existence. At the end of the day, after watching compilations of Teddy practice snaps on repeat for hours, we still won’t know how Teddy will respond to actual game snaps until he is on the field taking them. What we do know, is that Teddy is expected back competing for the starting job, after the bye week.

It looks like Sam Bradford isn’t very close to getting back on the field, according to Ian Rappaport, which lends even more toward Teddy time. After his failed start against Chicago, the Bradford knee injury has looked more and more like Area 51. No cameras allowed. He is said to be working out, and said to have traveled with the team to London, but we wouldn’t have known it. Bradford has been a complete ghost since he left Soldier Field.

Fans are divided and it’s a nasty division. The Vikings won today but if you started talking quarterbacks, you might not have known it…

It’s been a pretty incredible recovery for Teddy Bridgewater, as we’ve documented many times on this website. But, it looks like we might finally be arriving at the day we get to see #5 take the field in a purple jersey, something many people said he would never do again. The Vikings are also in a playoff race with a backup quarterback that has played pretty well, which makes this even more intriguing. After a win vs the Browns today, in London, the Vikings are 6-2 and primed to run away with the division. It will be fun to watch but hopefully people can realize we are all cheering for the same team and can let the QB situation play out naturally.


Anthony Barr responded to Aaron Rodgers’ bullshit accusations made on Conan O’Brian’s late-night show, claiming Barr made obscene gestures at him after the hit that broke his collarbone. Barr doesn’t admit or dismiss anything but acknowledges that anything he did was in response to all the crying and screaming we saw from Rodgers right after the hit took place.

Aaron Rodgers is a bitch and this whole situation proves that. Here is everything including Barr’s response.


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