Stefon Diggs Was Right.

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The Minnesota Vikings are an absolute disaster right now. This past offseason their former star wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, wanted out because he saw the future. He knew this offense couldn’t reach the next level with Gary Kubiak calling plays and Kirk Cousins throwing the ball. Most of us (myself included) thought Diggs was the problem… but oh how wrong we were.

As a team in shambles, the Vikings are desperately looking for someone who can step up, be a leader and get them back on track. Where is that guy? Oh right… he’s playing with Josh Allen in Buffalo, where yesterday he amassed more receiving yards than Kirk Cousins did passing yards.

Remember last season when the Vikings were down 20-0 vs Denver and Stefon Diggs basically brought them back by himself? He got pissed off, yelled at Cousins and proceeded to carry the Vikings to a win. Now, when the team is struggling, everyone just gives up (or they might as well). The offense and defense are completely lost.

Tank Tank Tank

Stefon Diggs was right. It’s time for the front office to face the music and move on to a new era of Minnesota Vikings football. Now that we’re through two weeks, we know a few things about this football team. Cousins looks worse than ever, the offensive line couldn’t stop a 6th grade flag football team and the defense got torn to shreds by a 67-year-old Philip Rivers. At this point, I’m wondering if the Vikings are trying to lose…

They should be.

Zimmer and Spielman love to feel safe with their mediocre teams. Winning a playoff game every once in a while is nice but who needs more than that?

We do.

This team is in desperate need of a full-on rebuild, if only for one season. It’s time to admit that the Kirk Cousins experiment didn’t work and move to something new. At this point, losing a bunch of games might not be that difficult. If the Vikings can keep doing what they’ve been doing for two games, they’ll easily walk themselves into a top 5 pick.

2021 QB Draft is Fire

The Vikings should be aiming to win 4 games or less. That would put them in the perfect position to draft one of Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance. Is it realistic? Probably not, because good ol’ Zim will find a way to go 7-9 or 8-8, especially since his job is on the line. After more mediocrity that saves his job, he’ll hope to draft another average cornerback to “boost” his defense.

For those wondering how we can draft a quarterback after extending Cousins this offseason, read this blog about divorce options for Kirk. Either you trade him after this season or you sit your newly drafted QB behind Kirk for one season, while he learns the ropes. Then, you cut Cousins after 2021, giving way to the young guy who’s already used to life in the NFL.

At the end of the day, I wish a tank were more realistic, but if I know anything about the Minnesota Vikings, it’s that they love mediocrity (especially at QB). Hell, they traded away the only player capable of leading this offense and injecting energy when the rest of the team doesn’t have it.

Diggs Was Right

Whether it was Zimmer’s style, Kubiak’s offense or Kirk’s extension that pushed Diggs out of town… the Vikings should have thought twice when they saw him packing. Whatever it was that Stefon Diggs saw (or didn’t see) in this offense, we now know one thing for sure…

… leaving was the right call.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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