Stefon Diggs Denies Ever Forcing Trade Out of Minnesota… LOL

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Every Minnesota Vikings fan knows the Stefon Diggs saga all too well. If they don’t, they clearly have been living under a rock the last 18 months. After months of cryptic social media messages and speculation, the Vikings finally had enough. Trading the “star” receiver to the Buffalo Bills for a slew of draft picks.

Yet it looks like Diggs is pushing all the blame towards the Vikings. Diggs told Buffalo media on Wednesday that he didn’t publicly claim any displeasure with the Vikings.

I smell B.S.

“As far as my past with Minnesota, I never actually said anything. But, to this new situation, I’m excited. There is no right or wrong or problems to be fixed from my old situation. I have a lot of respect for the Minnesota Vikings. At that time, a trade happened — you’ve kind of got to look at it for what it is. But I never really was vocal about what I did or didn’t like (in Minnesota).”

Stefon Diggs on his trade from the Vikings


As a fifth-round pick, Diggs rose to prominence during his Viking tenure. Diggs showed improvement each year and became a dynamic threat paired alongside Adam Thielen. Over his five years in Minnesota, he hauled in over 4,600 yards and 30 touchdowns. This included back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in 2018 and 2019.

This was enough for the Vikings to lock him into a long-term deal reported at five-years and $72 million back in July 2018. So it clearly wasn’t production that was causing the Diggs move. It was his toxicity in the locker room and organization.

“I never really was too vocal about it. ‘It’s time for a new beginning’ was enough said. I am super excited for my new situation, this is also a great organization built on a lot of hard-working guys. A lot of guys that really grinded to get to where they’re at.

Diggs on his cryptic messaging

Whether it was being fined over $200,000 for missing team activities or his novella of cryptic messages on Twitter and Instagram, Diggs wanted out.

So what in the hell is he thinking that he hasn’t been public about it? Diggs clearly never learned what communication actually is. Which is interesting because you need to know how to communicate as an American Studies major. Or maybe Maryland is just lacking in their student-athlete education…you tell me.


I understand that players are not always going to get along or be on the same page. We see it in every sport and even with the Vikings. Just look at the heated discussions Thielen and Kirk Cousins have had in the past.

But to publicly shine light to it and be as cryptic and bitchy as Diggs was shows me all I need to know. He is a prima donna and a lost cause. His trade fell solely on his shoulders.

Most of his anger and tantrums seemed directed at Cousins. After Cousins signed an extension in March of this year, Diggs tweeted out that it was time for new beginnings. While that could mean a more focused Cousins, we all know Diggs is a narcissistic person. He clearly meant himself and was traded later that evening.

Yet the joke is on him. Instead of hauling in passes from one of the most accurate passers in NFL history with a franchise with current stability, he now has to throw tantrums at Jake Allen for all the overthrown passes he will send Diggs’ way.

Jack Kewitsch | Minnesota Sports Fan

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