St. Cloud State University is Crapping on 100+ Years of Football History For a Lazy 2019 Budget Fix

SCSU vs Michigan Tech
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Hi everyone, I want to welcome you to America 2019-20. Here in the land of the confused, nobody knows the difference between right from wrong or down from up. Values that Americans have held for decades and even centuries, are now being thrown by the wayside for more “cultured” and “wholistic” views of our surroundings…. and now my alma-mater, St. Cloud State University is pushing that confusion to an entirely new level.

They are cutting the football team and replacing it with…. Men’s European Kickball (Soccer).

Yes, this is real life.

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Don’t get butt-hurt, European Kickball fans/players. This isn’t about you (though you like to make things that way). Men’s Soccer shouldn’t have been a casualty of budget cuts at any point, either.

This is about the stupidity of a University I was once so proud to have attended… I loved my time at SCSU. That campus raised me into a man. The experiences I had on that 10ish x 10ish block square, between the Mississippi River and 9th Avenue S, blocked off north to south by the downtown scene and the National Hockey Center… are everything you’ve watched in college movies since the 1980’s. But that experience I remember, is crumbling now, and the University continues to fuck up at every turn.

The latest and most backbreaking development, in the slide of my favorite State University, is the news that it will cut it’s football program. Yes… real American Football will no longer be played, beyond an intramural level, at St. Cloud State University. We aren’t talking about some struggling D-III or JUCO school that can’t afford uniforms or paid referees. No, this was a full-fledged, 98-player, legitimate D-II football program.

In fact, Football was the first sport on campus. They played their first game vs the North Dakota Agricultural College (eventually NDSU) in 1896. The team was FORMALLY fielded for the first time in 1919… meaning, yes… we are officially closing the doors to our football program after its 100th official season (ref: pg. 22 – 2019 Media Guide). That also means, the SCSU football program is older than the title of the college itself…. and the previous one.

When St Cloud State first officially adopted football in 1919, it was still the “St. Cloud Normal School“. It was changed to the “St. Cloud State Teachers College” in 1921 and eventually dropped “Teachers” in 1957. St. Cloud State wasn’t even a university until 1975. By then, the football team had already celebrated 50 years officially. Unofficially, they were pushing 70.

But, who the fuck cares, amirite?! You bring in a new president and the first thing she does is dissolve the longest-standing tradition on the entire college campus. Smart… Not only that, but we keep on hearing about “Title IX” violations. The University was one woman’s sport short of being Title IX compliant, from my understanding. What really happened, was a major budget deficit across the entire university ($5.1M), and a new university administration that would rather take the easy way out, than show accountability for past transgressions, while coming up with a good plan that best benefits the budget now, and the school/University/alumni/students/faculty/athletes in the future. This is the opposite of that.

I thought the SCSU SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) stated it perfectly in their statement (tweet above):

The student athlete community has consistently brought in proud,  hardworking, high quality individuals to this university who create a fantastic culture on this campus. Cutting football and the golf programs, cuts a large group of individuals who give their hearts and souls to this university, both academically and in their respective sports. The reality is the majority of student-athletes have chosen to be a Husky because of their sports, not due to academics. If there is an enrollment crisis, it is illogical to abandon our largest athletic program and cut off a large segment of the alumni base.

EXACTLY. How does cutting one of your most popular sports, that also has 100 players on it, going to help that enrollment meter move upward? How is that going to make more students want to come to St. Cloud State University? It’s not. Kids aren’t choosing SCSU for academics… stop. 

Until the St. Cloud State University administration realizes who they are and what the alumni/students/perspective students want our University to be (a great party school that houses a lot of future teachers, cops, and nurses — with a D-1 hockey team and other well-respected D-II athletics), the school will continue to slide in the eyes of many. Until they restore the football team they also won’t see a nickel from this alumni… lucky for them, I don’t have anything to give right now anyway, so they have some time.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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