Spielman, Vikings Show Extra Interest in BYU Offensive Lineman

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Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman has been all over the country over the last month, taking in pro days at different schools as he tries to map out his plan for this year’s NFL Draft. His scouting trips, along with other GM’s around the league, have been extra well-documented this offseason and that’s for good reason. With no combine for general managers and scouts to take in all of the top college football talent in one location, tracking where each GM chooses to spend their pro day time in March could help indicate where their mind might be looking in the draft come April.

Well, Friday was a big day for pro days and Rick Spielman had a lot of possible destinations. Michigan and Virginia Tech were two possibilities locations for Slick Rick, with players like Kwity Paye (DE-MI) and Christian Darrisaw (OT-VT) participating in their respective pro days. But, you couldn’t find the Vikings general manager on either of those campuses.

Where’s Rick

Nope, Spielman was on the other side of the country at Brigham Young University in Utah. And as much as a select group of Minnesota Vikings fans would like to believe he was there to scout QB, Zach Wilson, it’s widely believed that Rick was there to get a long, hard look at one of Wilson’s offensive linemen, Brady Christensen, an offensive tackle who is expected to fall somewhere in the 3rd round next month.

Vikings material

All you have to see is the few twitter clips sitting above this paragraph and you’ll quickly realize that Brady Christensen is the exact zone blocking scheme offensive tackle that Rick Dennison would love to get his hands on. He’s big and seems to hold up pretty damn well in his pass blocking. But he clearly shines when running and blocking in space.

Seeing a future with Brady out in front of Dalvin Cook becomes pretty easy after watching these highlights. Clearly, Spielman has had those same thoughts because this isn’t the first time Minnesota has taken an extra look at Christensen. According to KSTP’s Darren Wolfson, Brady was zooming with Vikings coaches just a couple of weeks ago…

Christensen wasn’t the only player performing at the BYU pro day, who Rick Spielman was keeping his eyes on, but Brady does make the most sense for the Minnesota Vikings, given what they are looking for and their obvious interest heading into Friday.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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