Spielman Says He Won’t Reach in 1st Round for OL; Studwell Retiring After Draft

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The NFL draft is quickly approaching and experts in the field are getting hate mail from Minnesota Vikings fans if they don’t project an offensive lineman to the Vikings at pick 18 in the first round. 

Well, you can address that hate mail to Rick Spielman at TCO Performance Center in Eagan, MN because he is the one you should be directing your anger toward…

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In case you didn’t want to watch Spielman spend his entire press conference addressing the same question, here are some of the highlights:

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Look, you can say whatever you want about what Rick has to say in these situations or doesn’t. These quotes might all be worthless and every word might be part of an elaborate smoke screen. It’s true. However, I really believe Spielman is scarred from Christian Ponder and Laquon Treadwell. The two times he’s reached in the past, he’s been burned on the backend.

That doesn’t mean the Vikings won’t go OL in the first round. It just means it’s not a slam dunk like some may think.

On another note, I loved the supposed quote from his wife about not coming home if he drafts another CB. Is he married to the entire state of Minnesota or is his wife a metaphor for Twitter? Oh Rick… so clever.

If you stayed long enough to see Scott Studwell take the podium, you may have seen that the Vikings legend is retiring. If you didn’t stay for his entire speech… you should go back. I love real. Studwell was definitely that. He’ll clearly be missed and will miss the organization when he’s gone.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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