Spielman Tries to Squash Cousins Trade Rumors But History Tells Us Not to Trust Him


Minnesota Vikings General Manager, Rick Spielman, did his best to lay any remaining Kirk Cousins trade rumors to bed today. He was clearly ready for the question and showed no hesitation in verbally committing to Kirk for 2021.

It’s always felt like Kirk was destined to be back in purple and gold for 2021, even in this crazy quarterback offseason. He’s tied to Spielman in the same way Zimmer is. In all likelihood, all three guys will go down with the same ship.

Spielman talked about how Kirk played extremely well down the stretch, in 2020, and how excited he is to see #8 with another year in the Vikings same system. Hopefully, he can continue that solid play and lead the Vikings back into the playoffs… but.

Stefon Diggs all over again?

Before we all take Rick Spielman’s word for it, let’s look back just year ago, when he was asked the same question about then Vikings’ WR, Stefon Diggs. His answer sounded very similar to what we heard today when asked about Kirk Cousins.

Less than a month later, Diggs was a member of the Buffalo Bills. Granted, the situations are much different. It was well-known back then that Diggs wanted out of Minnesota and we know now that Cousins does not. There’s also something to be said about that perfect offer coming along at the perfect time.

When Spielman was asked about Diggs, it’s possible Buffalo still hadn’t offered a first round pick in return. Eventually, they did and Spielman made the deal. If the Minnesota Vikings are blown away by an offer for Cousins then they may still take it, making Rick look like a liar again.

Overall, this is all just GM talk and Slick Rick said all the right things again today. It’s just hilarious that this happens a year after he made the same comments about Diggs.

Cooper Carlson | Minnesota Sports Fan

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