Some Kicker Options for the Minnesota Vikings

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Dan Bailey cost the Minnesota Vikings 10 points on Sunday afternoon. His kicking, combined with terrible 1st half playcalling and an NFL agenda carried out by their referees, cost the Vikings a huge win vs Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Bailey missed three field goals and an extra point. He kicked the ball four times and not one went through the uprights. Today’s missed kicks made for SEVEN total misses in the last two games. The mind of an NFL kicker continues to astound Vikings coaches and fans.

Bailey has been a top-tier kicker in the NFL for nearly a decade. But now, he’s facing a possible meeting with free agency, which would mean the Vikings could be again looking for a kicker. Unfortunately, Kai Forbath is kicking game-winning field goals in Washington and Daniel Carlson is killing it in Las Vegas.

So who is available for the taking?

Top free agent kickers

Finding a list of NFL free agents is more difficult than I imagined it would be but I was able to find a “top free agent kicker” list from former NFL kicker, Nick Novak’s instagram account.

Blair Walsh…

Anyone up for a Blair Walsh reunion? If so, he’s one of the top-available options. I doubt the Vikings go this route and I think fans would take another chance at Dan Bailey redemption, than they would Walsh. Blair worked out for the Titans in November.

Georgio Tavvechio

Georgio Tavvechio started this year on the Atlanta Falcons roster but never made it out of training camp. He does have some NFL experience but you have to go back to 2018 to find it. Tavvechio worked out for the Giants and the Titans in November.

Ali Mourtada

This is my pick. Ali Mourtada is another Nick Novak guy and he has video on instagram where he’s kicking absolute bombs. He looks like a guy with some confidence too.

Mourtada is 30 years old and hasn’t kicked in a real football game anytime recently but who cares. He’s clearly still training and looking for his shot. Why not give it to him? What do the Vikings have to lose?

You can see all of the kickers Nick Novak has been working out HERE.

Practice Squad Kickers

Kickers are rotating through NFL practice squads this year like shoppers through a turnstile on black friday. Teams can technically sign players off of each other’s practice squad as long as they are willing to have them on the NFL roster for a minimum 3 weeks.

It’s difficult to even find up-to-date practice squad rosters but there are some names you might know… including a kicker on the Minnesota Vikings’ own practice squad.

Tristan Vizcaino (Vikings PS)

The Vikings signed Tristan Vizcaino to the practice squad in November and now he’ll probably have an opportunity to earn a starting spot. He’s only 24 years old. I know nothing about him but here he is drilling a 57-yarder in the 2019 preseason.

Kaare Vedvik (WFT PS)

Yup, the guy the Vikings panic-traded for a couple of years ago still exists. Currently (according to, Vedvik is on the Washington Football Team practice squad.

Sam Sloman (Titans PS)

Sam Sloman was a rookie kicker for the Rams before he started sucking and Kai Forbath was called in. After some time in the free agent pool, Sloman now sits on the Titans practice squad.

Here is the list of practice squad players (according to

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