Shurmur Officially Out; McAdoo and McCoy Named as Possible Replacements

Despite getting shutout over the final 55 minutes of the NFC title game, the Giants didn’t waver on bringing in Pat Shurmur. On Monday afternoon, New York officially made the hiring of the 52 year-old FORMER Vikings’ OC, as their new head coach.

With Shurmur leaving for the Big Apple as anticipated, Minnesota is forced to find a replacement offensive coordinator. For many of us, lost in the shuffle that was conference championship Sunday, were the two names floating around as the potential next man up.

As originally reported by Ian Rapoport, Ben McAdoo & Mike McCoy are both expected to be targeted by the Purple.

Ben McAdoo:

Strangely enough, the 40 year-old is actually Pat Shurmur’s predecessor. McAdoo, who once served as the Packer’s QB coach (2012-13), was originally brought to New York as an offensive coordinator. After two successful years in that role (2014-15), the Pennsylvania native was dubbed Tom Coughlin’s replacement. Amid a terrible 2017 season, where reports suggested he lost the locker room, McAdoo was fired in early December.

During brief shit shows when I can’t locate my phone, I get extremely rattled. The panic that scenario causes me must be small potatoes in comparison to what “Benny with the Good Hair” recently experienced in NY. If I can’t find my mobile device, it’s an expensive pain in the ass, but I can get a new one. You lose a locker room, those bad boys aren’t for sale at the Apple Store.

Mike McCoy:

Mike McCoy served as the Chargers head coach from 2013-2016. After a 27-37 record during that span, he was fired on New Year’s Day, 2017. That’s brutal. Isn’t there a saying about not breaking someone’s heart on New Year’s? Getting let go sounds like a terrible hangover remedy.

Shortly after his termination, the franchise announced they would be moving to Los Angeles. The now 45 year-old was the last head professional football coach in the city where Ron Burgandy became a legend.

The Cal State alum started out last year as the Broncos OC. After Denver experienced six straight loses, McCoy was fired from that position.

If you’re not a fan of either candidate, unless McAdoo or McCoy are hired almost immediately, you’d anticipate more names are bound to be released by Rapoport and others. Whether or not they will include any members of our current staff, like Kevin Stefanski or a former Viking OC, Darrel Bevell, will remain to be seen.

Contrary to what I’m going to assume is popular belief, I like McAdoo. Rewinding back to 2016, there is a reason the Giants were quick to dump their 2 Time Super Bowl Winning coach to lock up the offensive minded football brain. Don’t get me wrong. I 100% agree with the adage that Benny Boy doesn’t have the personality to be a head coach in the NFL. With that being said, who gives a shit?

Skol Nation isn’t in search of someone to lead our team. It’s impossible for McAdoo to lose our locker room. Not when keeping that realm safe and secure is Mike Zimmer’s responsibility.

Before judging him on his last two years, peel back the curtain. In 2015, which was his last year as the Giants OC, that McAdoo coached offense finished 6th in the league in scoring. Despite being extremely injury ridden, their over-26 PPG that season was a vast improvement from the year prior.

In the event McAdoo comes aboard, I do request that on Sunday’s he operates from the press box. If you have a man with that much swagger walking around the sidelines during a game, it’s a distraction waiting to happen.


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