Shabazz Muhammad to Legally Change Entire Name to “Bazz”

“I just like it,” he said. “Everybody calls me that anyway.”

He said he’s not sure how involved the process is and now long it will be before the name change becomes official and he will be introduced at Target Center and elsewhere as such.

When told the one-name thing worked pretty well for Elvis and Prince, Muhammad laughed and said, “Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.”


Did anyone else see this?! Currently known as Shabazz Muhammad, the Timberwolves forward is looking to legally change his name to “Bazz”. Hold on. Not “Bazz” Muhammad. Just “Bazz”.

That’s right. Just ONE name.

Jason Bateman sums it up about as well as you can. It’s a bold maneuver. There aren’t too many people who have pulled it off. And, the ones that have, are pretty heavy names to be mentioned with:

Good Luck Bazz.

Here is the full story from Jerry Zgoda:

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Photo: @ShabazzMuhammad (Gonna need a new handle…)

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