Sergio Romo Just Got Suspended For Staring at Francisco Lindor

In case you missed it, benches cleared during the Minnesota Twins vs Cleveland Indians game on Friday night. Francisco Lindor just missed on a pitch he should have hit out of the ballpark and smiled at the ball in frustration. Sergio Romo took offense to that smile and justifiably retaliated. See how it all unfolded here.

How did Romo address Lindor’s ultimate disrespect? He stared REALLY hard at Lindor and followed him on his trot to first base (before eventually being thrown into the dugout by Miguel Sano). I’m not sure how, but Romo’s death stare didn’t lead to any physical or emotional injuries for anyone involved…

…unless they work in the disciplinary sector of the MLB offices. Because everyone knows that staring isn’t allowed in baseball.

Remember the good old days, back when pro athletes actually had to do or say something harmful to get suspended? Guys used to throw bases around the infield, throw fists at each other and even…. spit on umps. People get arrested for that shit in 2020.

For the good of baseball and all of humanity, the MLBPA and Sergio Romo should have fought this suspension at all costs. We can’t make staring at people the next thing that we lose to coronavirus or the PC culture…. but it might be too late

I won’t be able to bring my kids into public places pretty soon. They stare at everyone.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan