Scene Straight from Real Housewives of Minneapolis Unfolds at MOA Radio Row

Tale of the Tape:

In this Corner:

Josh Innes: 

  • 30-ish years old
  • Works (for now) at Sports Talk 790 out of Houston
  • Son of well-known voice actor (including Scooby-Doo) & radio personality Scott Innes
  • Got entire radio station banned from Radio Row rest of week
  • Bio from
    • “doing radio since I was 14 years old”
    • “I yell at the TV during sporting events”
    • “I had the #1 afternoon radio show in Philadelphia for a year. I got fired 8 months later. I’m now in Houston.”
In That Corner:

Seth Payne:

Need-to-knows before watching bout:

These challengers have a history, apparently. Something about breaking FCC Regulations by Innes calling into the 610 morning show while they were both on the air… They also obviously compete against each other, which you can hear both talk about. I’m sure the riff goes back even farther than that. I’ve already spent too much damn time on this post so I’m not going to dig into it anymore. Without further ado (I’m having issues getting this first video to auto-start at the 2 hrs 3 minutes. Thats where the good stuff starts.) All the videos do their own special justice on the situation:

The Aftermath:

So here are some of the gems during this domestic disturbance:

Seth Payne’s Top Quotes:

“Jim Mudd get over here, listen, you tell Josh Innes that when I see him that I want that little BITCH to make eye contact instead of hiding behind his microphone and acting like he’s a big man, make eye contact with me, instead of cowering behind a table like a little fu… (almost slipped it on radio, but corrected JUST in time) BITCH. You hear that Josh?”

“You’re weak, you’re insecure, you can’t leave things alone. You’d be so good if you’d focus on being good, but you’re so obsesed with everybody who doesn’t like you that you fall apart.”

“You’re a fraud, you’re a joke, you bounce around, the Philly people here know you’re a joke. You have like one employer left who you can work for.”

My Analysis:

The cold brings the worst out of people. It’s been said before and it may have been true again on Wednesday morning. It was at our own food court at MOA, on Radio F*CKING Row. This is supposed to be as professional as it gets in broadcasting. Yet, here we have 2 guys measuring… (I’ll let you finish). Let’s be honest. it was an ABSOLUTE spectacle. And Unbelievably AMAZING.

These are the types of things you do when you go out and get completely hammered. When you are 18-22 years old, it’s no big deal. You wake up in the morning and recap the fight that unfolded at party/bar close. Throw some jokes at the guy hiding behind the getaway van.

As a male, with plenty of testosterone, you still do it when you’re older. Except, instead of laughing and feeling good the next morning, you end up regretting the entire night and feeling like “that guy” who got drunk and out of control, while out. “I’m too old for this shit.” “Why the f*ck did I do that?” “I’m never drinking again.”  These are all things that run though your mind when you are an adult that doesn’t want to look like two eight-year-old’s on the playground.

Well, these guys were supposedly sober, and in what is supposed to be one of the more professional work spaces in the Twin Cities right now. I just can’t even imagine standing up in my cube and walking over to the cube down the row and going off like these two… But, wow, am I glad that they did. This ex-footballer seems to be the usually-normal guy who was led down a winding road of nonsense that eventually led to a boiling point that is reminding us at Minnesota Sports Fan of a show just about every woman watches.

This is supposed to be what separates us.


It says something about Josh Innes that the second sentence of his bio immediately addresses his “nepotism”:

“Some say I’m the beneficiary of nepotism. I say I’m an example of natural ability meeting opportunity that was afforded me because my dad is in the business. I guess that’s nepotism.”

Not a good start…

From everything I read. Here is the google search for yourself, this Josh Innes is quite the dumbass. But let’s be real. Nobody involved in this didn’t look like a dumbass. Except for the pro’s pro and REAL G himself: @McClain_On_NFL

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