Sam Dyson’s Injury Lingered Before Trade but Nobody Told the Twins…

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Did you see the latest report about Sam Dyson’s bicep tendinitis? According to both Rocco Baldelli and Derek Falvey, Dyson was dealing with this injury before he started playing his home games at Target Field. These quotes are copied directly from a Lavelle E. Neal piece in the Star Tribune last night (this morning’s paper):

“It’s something that he’s probably been dealing with for a little bit,” Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said. “I think it was probably affecting him, although he’s going to tell you he’s good and he can pitch and he’s ready to go.”

“He didn’t have any open injuries, and from our medical review and otherwise, we felt good about where he was,” Chief Baseball Officer Derek Falvey said. “This is something that has probably popped up for him more recently, and I’m not saying just the days he’s been with us, but something that he had to work through. Now, our focus is just trying to get him as healthy as possible.”

There is a lot to unpack here. The Twins obviously did their own medical review on Dyson, before the trade was cleared. I don’t know exactly what that entails but I will try to find out more today. I’m 98.9% sure it wouldn’t include an MRI because…. you don’t use an MRI on people who appear physically healthy. In other words, unless San Francisco had warned about a lingering injury, you wouldn’t have given Dyson that type of test. An MRI isn’t usually part of your standard physical, to my knowledge…

There are two possibilities here:

A). The Giants didn’t disclose any injury during the trade, even though they knew something was bothering Dyson in his right bicep.


B.) The injury was something that Dyson kept to himself and was able to pitch through successfully, until he was traded to the Twins

“B” would be pretty classic Minnesota. I guess it wouldn’t surprise me, either, because Baldelli talks about how much Sam wanted to pitch through his injury… but that’s not how the Baldalli Llama does things. Ask Byron Buxton or many others. You don’t play injured on this team.

But if it is the former, and the Giants didn’t inform us of an injury that they knew existed… what’s the consequence? Do they have to pay for his MRI? There has to be some precedent that I couldn’t find with google searches this morning, but I don’t know what that discipline would entail. It should definitely be serious AF though, because this injury and bad pitching from Dyson has torn apart friendships and families on Twitter…

Wait…. I have a solution. Send Madison Bumgarner here for the remaining 2-3 months on his contract, with an exemption from the MLB, to make sure he is postseason eligible… since it’s beyond July 31.

I’m so fair. I should be Mayor or something.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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