Rumors Starting to Swirl That Tim Connelly May Want Out as Wolves PoBO

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Tim Connelly hasn’t even finished his first season as Minnesota Timberwolves President of Basketball Operations and it appears as if he might already be unhappy with life in the Northstar state.

Tim Connelly Having Buyer’s Remorse with Wolves?

The report comes from Darren Wolfson (SKOR North, KSTP), who made another appearance on the Mackey & Judd Podcast Thursday morning. The incredibly plugged-in local insider is hearing that Connelly is already thinking about exit strategies out of his 5-year contract.

“I just wonder about Tim Connelly’s future. You know, there’s some people in league circles, right, this is a safe space — as you laid out at the beginning of this conversation — this is a safe space for reckless speculation. But I do think there’s an Eastern Conference job that, if it opens — it’s not open right now — but if it opens, would be very appealing to Tim, to his family. There’s some scuttlebutt about some ability for him to be able to get out from his 5-year contract. Would the Wolves at that point say, ‘ok if you don’t want to be here, see you, bye’?”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd Podcast
Tim Connelly the coward?

Wolfson thinks we’re more likely to see drastic changes for the Timberwolves (ie: KAT trade, Finch firing, Connelly bailing) next offseason. But clearly, there are already rumblings in important places, regarding Connelly’s status.

And if that’s true, he is a coward. Has Connelly already forgotten that it was he who dropped into Target Center last offseason, like Sting blowing up a late-90’s WCW match, and took one of the biggest home run trade swings in franchise history? A trade swing that has, so far, proven fruitless?

Everyone knew the Timberwolves were one big addition away from having one of the best rosters in the Western Conference and that they had time to be patient. To strike when the perfect opportunity presented itself.

If the Rudy Gobert move ends up being a horrible, premature disaster of a blockbuster trade, it’s Tim Connelly who wears the dunce hat. Bailing out early, on devastation that he created, would make Tim a complete and utter coward, which is the opposite of what we were told he was when he got here.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

Here is the full episode of Mackey & Judd from Thursday morning. Doogie starts the Tim Connelly conversation around the 22:40 mark.

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